Pitchshifter Please Sir
P - Pitchshifter


Tekstovi pjesama - Pitchshifter Please SirPlease Sir tell me why there s no black Superman? KKK kryptonite?
"God only makes caucasian Superheroes."
Sir tell me why we stick a man on the moonwhen life on Earth s so cheap?
"Son we gotta do our bit for the World trade deficit."

Please Sir tell me why if God is love i m so dysfunctional?

Please Sir tell me why there s so much vagrancy?"Layabouts get a job"
Well there s an opening for a part time Unabomber.
Please Sir tell me why my life s so pitiful but the future s so bright?
Well i d look ahead but it burns my retinas

Pitchshifter Please Sir

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