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I remember every night you called me on the phone,
You remember every time he left you all alone,
Wish that I could take back every tear you ever cried,
And wipe your eyes, You should let me try,

Every memory you've ever wanted to erase,
Can we make some better ones to take away the pain?
All he ever does is tell you lies, that sound the same,
He'll never change, he's just playing games.

For all the reasons why you run from the danger and hide from the pain,
For all the things that I can see in your eyes when you call out my name
So don't be afraid, I know what can take your fear away,
Nothing but the faith,
Nothing but the faith.

Sleepless every night, it's always cold inside your bed,
All you do is fight and hope tomorrow you'll forget,
He's the reason why you're having so many regrets,
And I can bet, he could care less,

Let's stop playing games, and do what we both wanna do,
Now's a perfect time, and i've got so much more to prove,
Don't you wanna know just what I've got in store for you?
Babe cut him loose, Let me make my move.

Tekst pjesme Sasa Kovacevic - Nothing But the Faith

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