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A heavy rain is falling through a train window pane
and down the road they are going
Yesterday ‘twas empty, but today it's getting crowded
in a line for leaving home

Was it hard to fall asleep? Were you tired before the dawn?
Did your pillow hide the streets from teary eyes?
Was it worth it? Was it brave? Or at night you feel ashamed?
Where’s the country where your kids sing lullabies?

Away, away, from an overwhelming pain
of seeing trees that never grow
Away, away, from tearless eyes of Heaven
and a fear that new tomorrow never comes

A postcard and the last name are the only things in common
left to share every Christmas
Silent moments every year when the postman wants to hear
where’s the country, where’s the country

Destination - foreign land, with a job, without friends,
but a few leaving down the memory lane
Fighting their way to freedom, every night and every day,
castaways in a time that slips away

Tekst pjesme Irish Stew of Sindidun - Away

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