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Tekstovi pjesama - Hardfaced - Implored by Hate

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All love is banished, all trust is lost
Entombed they lay on the very roots of our souls
The growing anguish longing to escape
No strength to hide and store the pain

Days of affliction, nights to suffocate
Beget humanity’s tragic fate
Scars worn deep, sunk in shame
Devouring each other, implored by hate

I am man, bringer of death
The scavenging raven in the night
I descend upon pillars of greed
Thrive in darkness and feed on light

Scars worn deep… sunk in shame
I am… bringer of death
Scars worn deep… sunk in shame
We are… implored by hate

Tekst pjesme Hardfaced - Implored by Hate

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